The Coffee Table Scenario

Would you buy a coffee table for your dining room?

The answer to that is probably no, you’d buy a dining table. In an every growing world I think a lot about the phrase “fit for purpose”. More so than anything in relation to IT, however I will leave this post open to interpretation, you can apply this to whatever you see fit.


Imagine you have a dining room. It’s large and square. It’s not interesting just now because it’s empty. Next step you need to put a table in there.



Are you going to place a coffee table in your dining room. No as they’re small, low down. A tall table would be better. A dining table.


You’re looking for a large table, is it easily moved if needed. You want to move it out of the way from time to time, maybe to clean under it. You need wheels.


Can the table be made higher or lower as desired? Can it be made smaller or bigger? You think can I store anything in the table? Does it have draws, I need to put my knives and forks somewhere…


How many chairs does the table come with, can you add more if needed to this table. Is it big enough, how many people can sit around it and how many people might.


Are you buying something fake or the real thing? Hard wood? You want the table to last, and with stand thousands of meals. You choose Oak.


You want a table that splits in two, as your friend needs to borrow a table from time to time at no notice. Don’t want to be without a table. You can also now treat the wood half your table 1 day and half the next, you still have somewhere to eat at.


Is the table able to serve any kind of food. Will hot food and plates need placemats to stop it burning? Can these be purchased. Does the table come with any?


Over time people enjoy sitting at your new table, more and more people want to! You thought about this and bought a square table because you realised a round table cannot be pushed along side another round table. You buy another square table to push along side.

The Table:
Lots of Chairs
2 Halves
Has Place Mats
Has draws

And the best part you have 2 of these tables!

Crazy post, I think you get the point. Adam







3 responses to “The Coffee Table Scenario”

  1. Kyle Saric avatar

    What in the world are you on about Adam? Hahaha I just dont understand I can’t stop laughing haha

    1. adam avatar

      So 6 years later, I’ll explain what this is about, I was frustrated at the time. My employer at the time was forever buying software and servers that didn’t technically meet the requirements of the establishment. Every so often you’ll find that sales people and project managers sign into a deal because they maybe got a free pen or a free laptop and so on. If you substitute the words coffee table for software, I’m really just talking about the requirements for applications.

  2. adam avatar

    I know, I think I’ve gone mad 🙂

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