HomePod and iOS 11.3 – Something’s changed.

iOS 11.3 Update is out for HomePod – and it is a massive update:

But what are we getting for 2.36GB – well we don’t know. “General improvements for stability and quality”.

The sound has changed, you’re thinking it too.

Here are some of my thoughts on it:

  • Apple is getting the HomePod ready for AirPlay 2 and they obviously needed to re-push all the software. There was either a problem with HomePods version of 11.3 or it was rushed and not as it should have been. Apple has been pushing delta updates to other devices.
  • The bass is tighter but less pronounced. (I think). I have no evidence but my ears.
  • The mid range is brighter. (I think). I have no evidence but my ears.
  • One theory I have is that 11.3 has reset the acoustic room tuning by mistake. Give your HomePod a wiggle and it will re-tune. I think mine sounds a bit more relaxed with the bass again.
  • I, like others, did feel the bass was a little pronounced all the time, so maybe Apple adjusted the EQ. We don’t have access to HomePods EQ yet only Apple Music via AirPlay.
  • The mid range did get lost at times before 11.3, maybe this is an attempt to fix that.
  • Maybe 11.3 has tightened things up based on what it has collected about our room acoustics. (Again I don’t know).
  • With HomePod I was expecting Apple to tweak things every now and again. But this is a dangerous game with us audio nerds.
  • I would like Apple if they do this to: a) let us keep the previous tuning, b) save presets, c) have access to EQ and d) allow us to tune our own treble and bass.
  • Something has changed.







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