HomePod Mini Dreams

Apple has yet to release their wireless charging pad for AirPods, iPhone, and Watch.

I hope that Apple introduces a HomePod Mini that features wireless charging. And makes use of that very wireless charging pad.

  • Imagine being able to have a couple of wireless pads, one in the kitchen one in the living room and be able to move the HomePod with you.
  • Imagine the HomePod Mini having a battery and be able to be portable, maybe you want to have a BBQ or sit outside in the sunshine with your coffee or take it through to the study.
  • Imagine being able to tether HomePod Mini to your iPhone with the W1 support just like AirPods and it works both ways; HomePod Mini plays songs from the phone but requests data from the phone via tethering at the beach
  • Imagine a portable HomePod Mini you can use for phone calls.
  • Imagine a water resistant HomePod Mini for the shower.






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