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  • Eve Weather, Lidl Bulbs and Matter.

    Eve Weather, Lidl Bulbs and Matter.

    For many years I was a Homebridge user, using a Raspberry Pi Model 3 however since the launch of iOS 16 I have been experiencing many issues, including lights refusing to turn on or off and the dreaded “no response”. With the majority of my lights being Nanoleaf using Thread (from the A12 Apple TV) […]

  • Schiit Modi 2 + Raspberry Pi

    Schiit Modi 2 + Raspberry Pi

    After spending months enjoying the rewards of listening to the Schiit Modi 3 in my living room setup now connected via Mini Toslink to a Google Chromecast Audio, used as a Spotify Cast Streamer. I wanted to bring that same DAC presence upgrade to my Coffee Brew Bar aka Kitchen setup. The Kitchen setup is […]

  • Introducing my Pi.

    Introducing my Pi.

    Introduction Above is the Raspberry Pi model B. At present I’ve had the Pi for about 1 month. Having contemplated numerous options of being able to run a small linux box in my home for quite some time. (I’d considered old PCs, old Mac Minis, and other things); A friend had dropped into conversation that […]