Amazon Fire Stick, Synology, VLC, ES File Explorer, MKV, MP4

April 2018: Play Video on Amazon Firestick from NAS.

If you have Amazon Fire Sticks and you want to play video from Synology NAS:

  • maybe VLC has stopped connecting to your NAS?
  1. In Synology DSM – Create a user for your Fire Stick with a password and grant them access to the folder containing your video.
  2. In Synology DSM – Control Panel – File Services – Enable SMB v1 [important].
  3. On Firestick – install VLC + ES File Explorer from the Apps.
  4. Open ES File Explorer -> Browse to Network -> Scan. This should return your NAS. Now connect, entering the Username/Password.
  5. Browse to Video file and you click to play, you will be able to open with VLC.





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