HomePod as an AirPlay 2 Music Source

The Kitchen is Playing to the Living Room?! How is this possible I thought to myself. I’d recently purchased and set up my New Sonos Beam. And now with my new AirPlay 2 device I was enjoying the wonders of having Multi Room Audio once again.

I’m sure most people, including myself, only considered Streaming Audio from a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

What I’d done is use Control Centre to bring up the Music Control Platter. Selected HomePod and clicked it to open my Apple Music App with the library of the HomePod selected. (The same here could be achieved by asking HomePod to play something).

From here what I’d done next is use the same Music Platter from Control Centre to also send send music to the “Living Room” – Sonos Beam!

Then I’d used the same option to stop the music from the Kitchen (HomePod).

Hence the Kitchen is now playing to the Living Room. And I thought this is crazy. But then I stopped to think.

The HomePod is an iOS 11.4 device. It has it’s own music library having access to Apple Music, it also has AirPlay 2. So when you think of it like this, it makes absolute perfect sense. It just seems somewhat strange!






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